We navigated with Visual Navigation Suite version 6.0 from Nobeltec Nautical Software

Version 6.0 includes:

  • Passport World Charts, with streets and roads 50-miles inland. You can purchase and unlock any region from the Nobeltec web site.
  • Overlay real-time weather forecasts over the Passport Vector charts.
  • 3D Nav Mode—allows you to see the ocean floor in three-dimensional color.

Click on the link above to find out more.

i2Roam Global Internet Roaming

Andanté's communications were provided by the i2Roam network.

Built to be compatible with the iPass Internet Roaming System, i2Roam gives you more than 29,000 modem and wireless access points around the world.
Just take your laptop or Palm when you travel and access the system for around 5 cents per minute on National POPs and slightly higher rates on international POPs. i2Roam has toll free 800 service in the US and Canada for connection of PDA, such as Palm and HandSpring Visor.

E-mail: info@i2roam.com

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