This non-nautical link needs a brief introduction. My father, Otto F. Buhl, came to the United States as a German immigrant in about 1935. After working as a busboy in one of Al Capone's night clubs, he married my mother, Lucille, and moved to Crystal Lake, ILa then small, rural suburb of Chicago. There, he started a mink ranch, and eventually sold mink pelts to many of the top designers throughout the world. In the world of fashion and glamour, dad's mink were a legend. He was one of the best mink breeders in the world. He sold the ranch in 1974 to Larry Frye, who had worked for dad since 1962. Larry has continued breeding quality mink, and also continues to include the 'buhl' name in his brand. So where is all this going? Click on this link to visit the Buhl-Frye Ranch web site, and then click on the 'about' button to learn about my family history:

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