Log #35óWedding Bell Hues
Monday September 18th, 2000

Monday evening September 18th we stood on the beach watching the sun set on the shore at Coronado Island in San Diego: longtime friends Rebecca and Karl exchanged vows in the presence of a few close guests. Becky and I have known each other since college days at Michigan State University in the early 70s, when we dated as kids.


Karl & Becky—Then, circa 1972


Here are the kids, at left, attending some sort of formal event, as evidenced by my tie and boutonniere. This would have been either the fall of 1971 or perhaps spring of 1972.

Could I have possibly selected a better shade of pea-green shirt to complement her pink dress? Might I have selected a better shade of green to better complement my own jacket? Quality of life has improved dramatically since then: I had a miraculous healing of color blindness, and I no longer wear two-inch wide belts with double-row holes.

As the decades passed Becky and I occasionally called. Inquired as to each other's whereabouts and happiness through mutual friends. Visited in person once or twice. And decided to get married this fall—after I realized that I could not live without her loveliness and sensitivity; honesty and intelligence; attractiveness and beauty; artistry and talent, not to mention her love of adventure, travel, and interest in sailing.

We stood barefooted on the sandy beach as Pastor Andy Reyes performed the ceremony. Becky's close friend and colleague, Jeanette Smith, listened alongside her. On the groom's side of the family, Danna Givot supported me as my "best man." Danna and I have been close family friends since she and I attended graduate school at Northwestern University in Evanston in our early 20s. Danna's husband Joel faithfully captured the event on digital video. Chris Brown, another close family friend—we were associates at Microsoft and crew mates in sailing and life —flew down from Seattle to serve in the role of official photographer.


Karl & Becky—Now, circa 2000

For those of you who are thinking about getting married—or for those of you who are, for whatever reason, contemplating it again—we think this is the finest way to do it: with a small group of close friends in an intimate setting, accompanied by the sun's fading copper rays and the sound of the surf meeting with rocks and sand.

Intimacy was briefly disturbed when the ceremony ended, however, as jets from the nearby Naval Air Station flew directly overhead.

After the ceremony we walked across the sand to the Prince of Wales Grill at the Hotel Del—a beautiful National Historic Landmark hotel constructed in 1888. There, in a private dining room, everyone enjoyed the chef's tasting menu, and a decadent chocolate hazelnut cake from Extraordinary Desserts. Guests included Don Kangas (Becky's father), Larry and Jeanette Smith, Brad and Lolly Murray, Danna Givot and husband Joel Davis, and Chris Brown.

We're sorry that you couldn't be there with us. But we'd like to invite you to sign our guestbook...

Please join both of us for our continuing adventures ... together.

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Our Wedding Photo Album


Danna & Joel, Karl, Chris, Becky, Jeanette, & Larry




Bride & Groom




Barefoot on the Beach




Into the Sunset



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